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NoahSavage's podcast

Dec 22, 2020

Noah is joined by comedian Brendan Sagalow and they discuss his new album, the art of bombing, the perils of having your voice recorded, having many identities in high school, embarrassing outfits, Noah's time as a band nerd, comics with stage voices and more!

Dec 18, 2020

Noah is joined by real doctor and virologist Raj Sivaraman as they discuss, the vaccine, Covid-19 response by the government, adverse events, anti-vaxxers, what mistakes were made, what's the path, forward, mask wearing, why people don't understand science, what's happening in college basketball and more!

Dec 15, 2020

Noah is joined by comedian and former Yale soccer stand out Jordan Raybould, they discuss tales of Ivy Athletics, respond to an article in the NY post about Princeton, then they discuss their problems with corporate culture, Jordan's experience on Wall Street including how he got fired, why they are heroes, and Jordan's...

Dec 14, 2020

Alyssa Wolff is back and she brought her friend and reality TV expert Jayne Wolfson to discuss crossfire, the fall of the Vanderpump franchise, what is LA hot, the real housewives of Salt Lake City, American Girl dolls, and much much more!

Dec 2, 2020

Noah and Alyssa welcome comedian Alison Leiby to discuss her viral and controversial controversial tweet about bodegas that made national headlines, ignited a class war, celebrity retweets, misinterpretations, ire, fire, and calamity on the internet. Not only do towns other than NYC have "stores" they are intent...