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NoahSavage's podcast

Dec 16, 2022

Noah and Alyssa start off the pod by arguing over mayo and butter, then they discuss some inside baseball comedy stuff. Next they get into a new segment called "let me run a bit." It's probably the best episode of all time. For real. 

Dec 1, 2022

Alyssa falsely accuses Noah of being a krankus, Noah tells bad stories about the road, Noah does a bad impression and more!!

Oct 28, 2022

Noah and Alyssa start the pod with a gross story about their beloved son Henry, next Noah shares a story about a game stop employee who is a moron and finally they recap the greatest wedding in the history of mankind!!

Sep 29, 2022

Noah has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, then they discuss recent controversy surrounding a few college gigs that Noah was booked on. Alyssa and Noah talk about wokeness in comedy, what is offensive, and Noah tells how a once animal house type institution has evolved in 2022. 

Sep 20, 2022

Noah and alyssa discuss Alyssa's competitive swimming career, what they'd do if the dragons came back, the shampoo inequity in their relationship, noah's stupid habit around mouthwash, they rank the nyc gyms,  their date night to a trendy pizza spot that ended with a disgusting story