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NoahSavage's podcast

Jun 29, 2022

Alyssa and Noah discuss how they are getting old because music that they like is now CVS music, 90's and 2000's movie tropes, Alyssa's trip to trader Joe's, Trump era energy, social media brain washing, NBA draft suits, Alyssa's birthday, the best birthday gifts that they've bough eachother, why Naked and Afraid has...

Jun 20, 2022

Alyssa and Noah start with some stories from their early dating life, Noah has to convince the music class that he's not a creep, Alyssa has been swimming with the 85 year olds and more!!

Jun 2, 2022

Alyssa and Noah are on the road and recording from Alyssa's parents house. Her mom Patty decides to make an appearance as an audience member asking quesitons about bathroom habits on crutches, good vs bad naked and more!! This is a mini-zode because the baby wakes up next week will be back to 45 mins...enjoy!