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NoahSavage's podcast

Sep 29, 2022

Noah has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, then they discuss recent controversy surrounding a few college gigs that Noah was booked on. Alyssa and Noah talk about wokeness in comedy, what is offensive, and Noah tells how a once animal house type institution has evolved in 2022. 

Sep 20, 2022

Noah and alyssa discuss Alyssa's competitive swimming career, what they'd do if the dragons came back, the shampoo inequity in their relationship, noah's stupid habit around mouthwash, they rank the nyc gyms,  their date night to a trendy pizza spot that ended with a disgusting story

Sep 8, 2022

Noah and Alyssa are donning their new bucket hats and have completely lost their minds. They discuss a crazy lady they met at the wine bar, Noah's annoying habits, if Noah is losing his memory, why talking about not drinking makes you want to drink, if they could hack it in investment banking, and Topo Chico...